Thrill Daily News – 12/1/10


Happy December everyone!

Lagoon Park

  • The park has announced the name of their new coaster for 2011 – “Bombora”. Read the full story.

Frontier City/White Water Bay

  • When the park re-opens in 2011, the park will be under new management. The park cancelled their lease with PARC Management. Read the full story.


  • Whether Disney wants to be part of this lawsuit or not, they have become part of a massive lawsuit involving Marvel and the Kirby estate. I won’t go into great detail, but because Disney purchased Marvel last year, they are now part of the lawsuit and can essentially “exploit Marvel’s assets — including the rights that Marvel has to Kirby-created characters”. Read the full story.
  • Employees of Disney filmed a short “movie” of how terrible they’re treated at Disney. Not the happiest place on earth, is it? Read the full story.

Gaslight Village Amusement Park (New York)

  • Walls will be coming down on this park soon as it has been closed since the late 80s. The park will be turned into wetland to act as drainage for Lake George, NY. Read the full story.

Orlando Thrill Park

  • The proposed Orlando Thrill Park has residents concerned about noise and traffic still. The developer has offered to build a 650 foot wall to help prevent noise, but residents are still concerned. Read the full story.

Coney Island

  • Coney Island is fighting to become a non-seasonal park, but I just don’t see it working. On top of that, they are not renewing leases on 8 of the 11 businesses that occupy the boardwalk. Read the full story.

Other News

  • There’s a neat iPhone application available so you can play games while you’re waiting in line at the parks. Read the full story.