Thrill Weekly Poll: Theme Park News Site of the Year


We are all nerds. We all watch sites like this one for information, trip reports and news. Lets face it though, some sites are more personal and lovable than others. Others have huge interviews, videos and picture galleries, others have a great podcast. We all try to be family and fun about it in the Amusement Industry community, but honestly, those who run sites like these like to be told their the best. So for one of the final polls of the year, we’re going to let you choose your favorite Theme Park “News” Site of the year.

[polldaddy poll=4309449]

The guidelines, as loose as they are, is that a site has to be in pretty continuous operation for the past year. The sites also have to be non park specific. So you great sites that deal with just Disney or just Six Flags or any other single park or park chain, sorry but we’re going to leave this one for those who have a broader coverage area. The sites also have to do news updates and be more than just a “Discussion Board”. Yes, we know technically that rules Theme Park Review out…but they do a lot of great coverage, so they’re in.

And to be completely fair and to not have anyone say that we’re rigging things in our favor, we have left ourselves out. However, if you want to write us in, feel free to, though it won’t count. We love you too. For that matter feel free to nominate any non park specific site and we will take it under consideration. The winner will get a spot on our Best of 2010 list, and a cool little banner announcing your greatness to the world.

Have fun! We’ll have the results Monday!