Cheetah Hunt Construction Update 1-30-11


With the weather being slightly warmer the past couple days, Busch Gardens has gotten a lot of work done with Cheetah Hunt and Cheetah Run. Since our last update, some new track has been installed and they’ve done a lot of work around the station area. Some of the work includes adding what appears to be an exit ramp supports on the very outside of the station. They’ve also done some exterior work on the trenches, giving them a somewhat “wooden” appearance.

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Now that Gwazi is officially open with it’s brand new trains, Busch Gardens is heavily advertising it around the park. Photos below show signage around the ride. According to BGTGuide on Twitter, an announcement is also being made after performances of Let’s Dance in the Desert Grill.

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Across the park, construction walls are up around the Carousel. Not much we can see right now, but according to the Busch Gardens website, the ride will be closed now through February 4th.

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We’ve also got a few great shots of different animals at the park, including some Flamingos that seemed to have decided to take a scenic route.

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