Disney’s Hollywood Studios unveils “Countdown to Fun”


Disney’s Hollywood Studios is making a huge push for Pixar and all of their characters with the all new “Pixar’s Countdown to Fun”. The parade of costumed characters, new floats and music replaced the much loved “Block Party Bash” at the Studios. While fans loved the Block Party Bash, the reception for Countdown to Fun seems less than warm.

Many fans were disappointed in the parade, and some even called it on Twitter “Countdown to Lame”. This brings in the question, if the avid Disney fan dislikes it, what will the true audience think of it?

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Judging from the pictures and the energy of the crowd, it appears that Disney has done exactly what they set out to do. They made another distraction that gets people off of the rides and gets the kids hungry to buy merchandise. It probably isn’t as “magical” as the Main Street Electrical Parade, but it does seem to have it’s place, and it looks like Disney’s Hollywood Studios makes perfect sense for Countdown to Fun.

Elsewhere in the park, work is progressing on the Rehab of the Tower of Terror. Cranes and scaffolding can be seen working on the outside.

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Meanwhile, work around Star Tours shows little to no signs of what’s hopefully going on inside. The entire area has been turned into a Meet and Greet for Vader and Stormtroopers, which leaves little hope that the outside of the attraction will get any attention. It seems that the outside of the attraction will continue to look dated.

For more information and tickets, be sure to visit the parks official website.