Gwazi Reopens January 22nd With Millenium Flyer Trains


Gwazi has long held the record for the longest and fastest dueling wooden coaster in the Southeast. It makes Busch Gardens Tampa home to one of the most unique coaster collections in Florida. On Saturday Jan. 22nd Gwazi makes history yet again as it reopens from a short rehab and becomes the only wooden coaster in Florida equipped with Millennium Flyer Trains.

Right about now you can tell the coaster enthusiasts in the room from the casual coaster rider. The enthusiasts are the ones who are foaming at the mouth while the casual coaster rider is asking “What are Millennium Flyer Trains?”
Well to the uninitiated, Millennium Flyer Trains are style of coaster trains designed by Coaster Manufacturer Great Coasters International. The trains are known for their huge cushioned seats, open sides and single lap bars. What does this mean for those riding Gwazi? A smoother, more comfortable ride. The single lap bar also makes for a quicker load time and the open design of the train gives a more thrilling feeling while riding the coaster. The open side design of the coaster trains also give riders a much more open view, which is great on Gwazi as it has several “Fly-Bys”. A Fly By is an element that gives the illusion that two coasters are going to hit each other, while perfectly safe. Gwazi currently holds the record for the most Fly-Bys of any coaster, which makes getting the Millennium Flyer trains all the more important as it gives the best view of each one of these fly bys.
And in honor of the occasion Busch Gardens is offering a special for all Thrill Seekers on Saturday Jan. 22nd

Photos above courtesy of Busch Gardens.

* To celebrate Gwazi’s reopening, any guest who rides Gwazi on Saturday, Jan. 22 will receive a coupon valid for a 30 percent food and beverage discount at any culinary location, including all restaurants and snack carts

* Also, any coaster rider who wears a Gwazi, American Coaster Enthusiast or Florida Coaster Club shirt will receive a free commemorative ride photo of their first experience on the new Gwazi trains

And we’re told this is just the beginning of the fun for Busch Gardens Tampa as the opening of their newest coaster to date gets closer. For more information visit the official Busch Gardens Tampa Website.