Gwazi unleashes a new breed of speed & Cheetah Hunt update 1-20-11


You heard it here a couple of days ago that Gwazi would be re-opening with brand new trains: Millennium Flyers. Busch Gardens invited us out to the park today to get a sneak preview of Gwazi’s brand new set of wheels.

You may also notice a photo of a small camera on the ride with two people sitting in the front row. Apparently Busch Gardens was using that camera to test HD video for Cheetah Hunt.

The new trains on Gwazi make for a much smoother ride. “It’s like the classic wooden roller coaster you’ve always dreamed of,” said our roving reporter, LC Hill. While the trains were a big change for the ride, it also brings minor changes with it.

The ride still has seat belts, but it also does not offer seating for riders of size. I’m not quite sure about how seating is compared to the old trains, but Flyers seem to be well known for being “roomy”. Check out the pictures from today’s sneak preview.

Gwazi opens officially on January 22 with Millennium Flyers.

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Across the way, more and more work is happening with Cheetah Hunt. The final break run seems to have a lot more installed around it, as well as the transfer track area. It seems all the work that is bring done right now is cosmetic work in preparation for more track to go in. It doesn’t appear any new track has been added recently. Check out the photos below.

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