L.C. Hill Presents:The New Fantasyland


Hello and welcome to the happiest place on the internet! As you may have guessed my name is LC Hill. It’s been a while since you’re old uncle L.C. has popped in for a visit, and with the recent addition to “Fantasyland” I figured I just had to pipe up.

The “New Fantasyland” is taking over the current Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom and putting on a fresh coat of paint, knocking down some walls and doing something that hasn’t been done in a long time. It’s adding a big deal to the park! For the past few years Disney has been taking old attractions and either completely gutting them and making something new out of them or just rehabbing it altogether. While attractions like Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor have their place it’s not really anything groundbreaking or intriguing. It’s a filler, it’s just something that gets people out of line for Space Mountain and kills time until the next parade. It’s not Imagineering at it’s finest.
Now we get “The New Fantasyland”. I know what a lot of the fans are saying “It’s just a rehab of old crap, we’re losing a ride to get a meet and greet…” blah blah blah. Here’s the thing folks, it’s imagineering getting to do something, and it’s create a new world! Is it designing a mountain where a Yeti lives, or a hotel with a link into another dimension? Probably not, but it is something other than just video games in a queue line.
Magic Kingdom is getting an all new dark ride, and an all new coaster! How can you not be excited about that? Sure we have to lose a beloved dark ride, for some Princess meet and greets, but hey it’s a coaster! Plus we get to see the classic Disney Princesses in a whole new light. And Beauty and the Beast finally get’s a place to call home in the park. It’s the stuff that Disney was built on….kind of.
Okay so all the princess stuff is just designed to sell more Photo Passes, and Princess merchandise, and the “Be Our Guest” Restaurant is going to be pretty much the same thing that you can get at the other Disney eateries, but it’s the fact that they are trying to bring the stories to life.
Will it be for everyone? No, it won’t be. But it will add more to a park that needed it. And how long do you really want to stay in line for Dumbo? I mean it would have been great to have “Dueling Dumbos” in a circus tent coming within inches of hitting each other, and going through simulated fire rings and the such, but at least there will be no more of this 60 and 90 minute waits for a simple flat ride.
It’s a good thing, trust me!