Save the Big Dipper Project is no more


Save the Big Dipper has made news stories across the nation, but they were unable to save the classic coaster, currently located inside of the defunct Geauga Lake theme park in Ohio. It was reported back in September that two fans had worked together to purchase this roller coaster with the intentions to relocate it and restore it to it’s former glory.

According to Kat Jones, the founder of the project, “Due to diligent maintenance when the coaster was operating, the use of pressure-treated lumber in the 1980 rebuild, and perhaps just some luck, the structure of the Big Dipper appears to be in much the same shape it was when the coaster was operating. The control panel and electronics are completely in tact, albeit slightly dusty. The cars do show some slight weather wear, but it all seems to be easily repaired and the cars will soon be protected from the oncoming winter snow. The condition of the coaster and all of it’s components is a large package of good news for this project, as it will greatly reduce rehabilitation costs.”

Under legal guidance, the owners of the Big Dipper roller coaster have walked away from the project. Mr. Woosnam, who sold the roller coaster to the two, has not followed through with his end of the deal by providing proper paperwork to show their ownership of the property in question. He also breached the agreement between the two parties transferring ownership of the coaster.

Long story short, given her two options: Take him to court to have the agreement enforced, or to accept the breach in their agreement and demand a return of their down payment. Under legal advice, Kat has chosen to demand a return of the down payment originally placed on the ride.

If you donated to help save the coaster, please contact Kat at

The Save the Big Dipper project is no more. You can read the official letter for yourself on the Save the Big Dipper website.