Serengeti Night Safari returns to Busch Gardens in light of Valentine’s Day


Busch Gardens is bringing back their Serengeti Night Safari next month on February 12th in light of Valentine’s Day. From 6:30pm-9pm, guests will travel through the Edge of Africa at Busch Gardens and witness nighttime behavior of various animals, including: Hippos, Lions, and Hyenas. Guests will also use night vision monoculars to see Giraffes, Zebras, Rhinos, and more.

What’s more romantic then venturing the Serengeti Plains at Busch Gardens only by moonlight and hand held lanterns? Busch Gardens is also offering chocolate coated strawberries and champagne that evening, as well as appetizers and other adult beverages before the tour of the Plains.

After the tour has concluded, guests will gather around a bon fire to hear wonderful takes of African folklore.

The Serengeti Night Safari is $60 per person (plus tax) and is limited to guests who are 21 and older. Admission to the park is not included, nor is it required for the Night Safari.

Call (888)-800-5447 to reverse your spot on the Serengeti Night Safari.

Busch Gardens Tampa also offers many tours besides the Serengeti Night Safari. Other tours include the Roller Coaster Insider Tour, featuring a 45 minute tour of Montu, and the Endangered Species Tour, where guests tour the Serengeti during the day and can get the chance to feed Giraffes.