Thrill Weekly Poll: Most anticipated attraction of 2011


Welcome back to the first Thrill Weekly Poll of 2011! 2010 was a fun year as we cut our teeth on the polls and toyed with quite a few ideas. As many of you know we used the TWP to determine the Best of 2010 awards. While it was loads of fun it left us with a dilemma. Should we just do the polls once a year specifically for the awards? It wouldn’t be thrill weekly at that point.

Instead of yearly we’re going to carry on with regular just fun polls throughout the year. In early October we’ll begin voting for our “best of” polls. The categories will be:

Friendliest crowds (last year Sea Work Orlando)
King of Halloween (last year HHNOrlando)
Best Theme Park Employees
(last year Holiday World )
Best Social Media Presence
(last year Cedar Point )
Best Food Destination
(last year Busch Gardens Williamsburg)
Best Christmas Event
(last year Christmastown)
Best Theme Park News site
(last year Screamscape)
Park of the Year
(last year Holiday World)
Editors Choice-Best Theme Park Experience
(last year Harry Potter)
Readers Choice-Attraction of the year
(New Award)

As last year we will have a run off vote for park of the year by region with the top two of each region facing off in the finals. With Readers Choice we will ask for your submissions then vote for the top ten choices. These do not have to be new Attractions and can be Coaster, water slide, show, Dark ride…whatever. Your choice. All this happens in October.

For now let’s keep with the fun! What is the most anticipated attraction (or park) coming in 2011? Tell us below in the poll!

[polldaddy poll=4409237]

If you’re a representative from one of the parks above, we highly suggest letting your fans know to vote for you!