Top 10 articles of 2010


2010 was a huge year for us. We accomplished a lot of things through out the course of the year. We rebuilt the entire site from the ground up with a complete archive of the previous site, and we also added a few new features. Our traffic was up 551.06% from 2009 all thanks to you – our readers.

So, I’ve compiled a list of our top 10 hit pages in 2010. This includes pages from the previous site as well, so what it listed as popular to the left does not necessarily reflect what is included in this list.

1. Behind the Thrills

2. Universal Orlando: Potter, Dragon, and Hulk updates

3. Behind the Thrills Forum

4. Behind the Thrills Forum Home

5. Harry Potter and the soft opening

6. Universal Orlando: Potter, Jurassic Park, and more!

7. Thrill Weekly Poll: Favorite social media presence

8. Harry Potter and the big review

9. Harry Potter testing happening

10. Universal Orlando: New map unveils Potter height restrictions

So there you have it! Thank you for being a reader of Behind the Thrills. 2011 is going to be a great year!