Cheetah Hunt Construction & Endangered Species Tour Update 2-9-11


Since our last update, Cheetah Hunt has really moved along. They’ve got a lot of new brick work done around the station, as well as a lot of new track in place. I’m sticking to my guns and saying they’ll be done with track by the end of the month at this rate. Track around the Skyride hasn’t been completed yet, but it’s quite obvious that Cheetah Hunt’s track will go over the Skyride cables. Everything looks really good right now.

Our wonderful photographer, Mr. LC Hill will be heading out to Busch Gardens next Friday for a construction tour of Cheetah Hunt. Expect some awesome inside photos and some great coverage of what’s going on with the ride.

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On a side note, Busch Gardens Tampa added Cheetahs to their Endangered Species Tour. LC embarked on the tour and got some fantastic photos of the Cheetahs. I’ve already done the Endangered Species tour before (on my honeymoon last year), and I’ve got to say that it’s a really fun tour. Feeding the giraffes was a lot of fun, but I’m thinking the Cheetahs are probably the new highlight of the tour. Check out the photos for yourself!

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Walls are still up around the Carousel, and it’s downtime has been extended until March 11th. I’m not quite sure what the original re-opening date was, but I’ve been told that it’s been extended from February until March. What’s going on that’s taking so long? This has got to be a heavy refurbishment.

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