Cheetah Hunt Construction Update 2-3-11


Cheetah Hunt is really coming along now. Since our last update a couple of days ago, they’ve installed a lot of new track and done a lot of work around the station area. Track now stretches over that brand new bridge the park opened not too long ago. A couple of days ago, the sky was blank there. Thanks to all this warm weather, the park’s construction crew is moving along fairly quickly. Because of how spread out this coaster truly is, it’s tough to tell how much work left they’ve got to do to compete the circuit, but I’m guessing we can see track completion as early as the end of this month. This, of course, has not yet been confirmed with Busch Gardens.

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On the 18th, we’ll also be at the park on a construction tour of Cheetah Hunt, so expect some really great pictures and coverage from our tour of the coaster.


The park also has a Bands Brew and BBQ stage set up and (just about) ready to go for the opening of the event on the 13th.