Manta announced for Sea World San Diego in 2012


Sea World San Diego announced details for their 2012 coaster “Manta”. A lot of enthusiasts have been speculating on whether or not the California version would share characteristics of Orlando’s version, today we learned that the name and Mantas are the only thing in common.

“We are delighted to bring energizing new attractions to our guests year after year,” according to SeaWorld park president John Reilly, “and Manta does just that, combining the thrill and excitement of a coaster, with the educational and entertaining value of an incredible marine-life exhibit.”
The park has sent a rendering of what coaster will look like without the Aquarium and splashdown : Manta

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The new coaster will be just 30 feet tall with a drop of 54 feet. Instead of a B&M Flyer Manta will be a Mack launch coaster much like Blue Fire but will not feature any inversions. The coaster will also feature huge projection screens and feature a splashdown and water ride elements.

Much like the Orlando incarnation Manta will have a large ray viewing area with several spots to see the rays in the queue. The park will extend the Forbidden Reef area of the park for the attraction.

For more information visit the official Sea World website.