Sea World’s “Happy Tails” Gives One More Good Reason to Adopt a Pet


Sea world is known for the conservation of Marine Animals, together with Busch Gardens the company brings conservation and awareness to all types of wild animals and habitats all over the world. Now Sea World is partnering up with animal shelters in Central Florida to encourage the adoption of homeless dogs and cats.

For a limited time, when you adopt a dog or cat at one of the participating Central Florida shelters you will receive two free tickets to Sea World. If you’ve seen any of Sea World’s pet shows like “Pet’s Ahoy” then you’ve seen how Sea World Orlando works with local shelters to provide a permanent home to abandoned and neglected animals.

As an animal lover, and long time supporter of adopting animals I’ve got to say I love this promotion, if nothing else for the fact that it brings awareness to all the great dogs and cats that are out there. Adopted dogs and cats seem to know that you saved their lives, and display a huge gratitude and loyalty towards their owners. Over population of dogs and cats continues to be a problem in this country with many people failing to spay or neuter their animals, and puppy mills.  Because of those reasons, shelters are over run with a lot of great animals that need homes.

So if you’re thinking of a pet, try your local shelter. You could save a life, and you get a life long friend out of it. I’m saying this from experience. We have a pound puppy, Molly that has been part of the family for over three years.

To find a participating shelter, or for more information visit the official site.