Thrill Daily News 02-10-11


There’s a new X-Men movie coming out. First Class tells the story of how Charles Xavier and Erik became Professor X and Magneto. It goes with the Fox tradition of making comic book movies and telling the fans to piss up a rope. You’ll get no Origins here! Still, it looks like it could be promising, and at the very least better than XMen 3.

Here comes Mongo!…And away we go!


  • A Quadriplegic man is suing Disneyland for leaving him on “It’s a Small World” for 40 minutes which caused him to suffer pain and distress due to high blood pressure. The ride suffered a malfunction which left him stranded on the boat in the last section of the ride where the signature song blares over and over. He’s suing because he says it violates the federal disabilities act to not have adequate evacuation techniques for the disabled. Personally I think it’s because he had to hear that goddamn song for 40 minutes, but either way I think he’s justified.
  • The last quarter of 2010 saw a drop in attendance to the Disney California parks, according to this article. While it’s not a significant drop, many say it’s largely due in part to the busy holiday season.
  • While the parks in California were down last quarter last year, the company overall reports strong profits 1st quarter of this year. Yay new stuff at the parks!

Sea World

Other Destinations

  • Dolly Parton is stepping out of Dollywood for a while and hitting the road with an all new tour. Details Here.
  • Quassy Park has delayed the annual Penguin Plunge until March 20th. The annual event sees d0zens of people jump into the chilly waters…this year’s event has been postponed due to…wait for it…snow. Details here.
  • My mom says they have Warcraft theme parks in China. Actually they do! The new Joyland has sections based off of Warcraft and Starcraft though the companies that make the game have not signed off on the ideas. Maybe they’re afraid of the growing trend of closing parks?
  • Lowry Park Zoo will host lifelike Dinosaur models in the zoo until May of this year. Guests can go on a dinosaur dig and even control a robot. More info on Lowry Park Zoo
  • Great Adventure will have two job fairs to hire for the upcoming season, the first one being next week. Click here for details.
  • Kings Island will have over 4,000 jobs open this season and you can apply now

And now for your ride of the day

“A fleeting shadow risen to life from a nightmare realm. It rides the wind. It will lure you into it’s spell to explore the dark human motives on which…it preys.”

This is the glory that is the Bat, the world’s first suspended coaster that was open for only two seasons at Kings Island and was closed after one of the cars actually slammed into one of the supports. It was a unique ride, and today’s Ride of the day.