Thrill Daily News 2-16-11


Politics piss me off. I really don’t want to get on a rant, but I love how rich people are trying to make decisions for us poor folks. You’re not poor? Yeah? I am! So, anyway…

Hold up wait a minute, let me put some quarters in it….and away we go!


  • has tallied all the submissions for the 2011 Readers Choice Awards, and the finalists are in. This is the first year that Arthur Levine, and the Theme Parks site has been included in the voting. You can vote on the finalists in Four different categories-Best New Attraction, Best New Coaster, Best New Show, Best New Water Park Ride. These best of’s are for 2010, so I’m going to imagine that Wizarding World of Harry Potter will be in there. Good luck to the rest of them! Vote by clicking here.
  • Governor Rick Scott of Florida has announced that he is scrapping plans for a new High Speed Rail in Florida. The Rail system was to run from Orlando to Tampa with stops on International Drive and Disney World. Theoretically leaving tourists out of rental cars, and getting commuters off of theory. Read the whole story here.
  • Zamperla is trying to kick some of the old favorites out of Coney Island, but though Shoot the Freak is gone, a few will have one more summer. Find out which ones won’t get the boot yet.
  • Aww, how sweet. Students in elementary and middle school can write an essay on why their mom should be Quassy Park’s Mom of the Year. My mom should be Quassi park’s mom of the year because she’s awesome, has a floaty eye, makes killer cornbread and can cuss in swahili. True Story.
  • People in Jacksonville are trying to build a Downtown Amusement park. The park will include roller coasters, mini golf, zip lines, dumpster diving, and homeless wrestling. The City Council is trying to get approval on an undeveloped piece of land in the heart of Downtown Jacksonville.
  • In June, Legoland Florida will hire 1,000 people to work in the all new park. The early hire gets their employees trained and ready to open in October. This kind of screams like they’ll soft open the park in August or September.

Six Flags

  • Gospel Explosion is coming to Six Flags America on June 25th with Marvin Sapp headlining. Holy Mackerel! Click here for more info.

Busch Gardens


  • Not theme park news yet, but Director of the last 3 Fast and Furious films (including Fast Five) is looking to direct a new take on the Terminator series for Universal, so sayeth Harry. The rights are up for grabs, and the director has made good with the past few films. If this pans out, it could mean new life in a Terminator attraction, though I’m surprised no Fast and Furious shows or attractions have been attempted yet.
  • We’ve heard rumors that Jimmy Neutron will be on the chopping block to make way for a Despicable Me attraction. This is looking more likely as 4th Quarter profits at Universal were driven by huge DVD and Blu Ray sales of the film.

Ride of the Day

I love the ocean. I love the aspect of going under the ocean and discovering things you’ve never seen before. I’ve read the Jules Verne Classic, and loved the simple effects that Disney did to make it so effective. The ride was cramped, but it always had a huge wait. You swore you were extremely deep underwater, but in reality you were above it…that makes 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea at Magic Kingdom todays Ride of the Day