Thrill Daily News Update 2-08-11


Today would have been the 200th birthday of Jules Verne. No, it’s not only the name of Doc Brown’s kids in Back to the Future 3, but one of the most influential writers of all time. In fact he is called “The father of Science Fiction” by some, and “THAT FRIGGIN IMPOSTER!” by fans of H.G. Wells. Regardless, he has inspired many a theme park attraction and still many more to come. Thank you Mr. Verne. As for the news today, Coney Island’s getting two coasters, Theme Parks are big business and Disney isn’t doing some bad after all.

Hey, Up your butt with a coconut……and away we go!


  • The Walt Disney Company announced today(here) that they are seeing first quarter increases in Theme Park Income and ESPN advertising increases. That’s what happens when you roll out a huge luxury liner and confirm rumors for a new kids coaster at your biggest theme park. Way to go.
  • Disney’s California Adventure turns 10 years old today, and is in the middle of a massive overhaul to make people want to go. In good news, the park has helped hotel business in Anaheim BOOM, extending the stay of tourists. Happy Birthday California Adventure.
  • Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival will be sponsored for the first time by HGTV, and will include appearances from several stars of the network. Read more info here.

Six Flags

  • Six Flags New England has named their new wild mouse coaster (originally the Gauntlet) Gotham City Gauntlet: Escape from Arkham Asylum In-Mediocre Wild Mouse Ride with Little to No Theme Part Two: Bane’s Revenge of Catwoman. Yeah that’s a moutful. I think Gotham City Gauntlet will do.

Sea World

  • Sea World Parks and Entertainment announced that they would be refinancing $1.5 Billion in debt. Simply put, they have a ton of debt from being bought out by Blackstone that was passed on like a genetic disease. So now they’re refinancing to get a lower interest rate. On top of that This article goes on to say that the profits and attendance fell due to a number of things, most notably the negative publicity from the death of Shamu Trainer Dawn Brancheau.


  • Coney Island Scream Zone to get a launched Steeplechase horse coaster, and Elitch Gardens Flying Coaster. More info
  • Paramount could be opening a new park in Spain as it has signed an “option to buy” for a large parcel of land.
  • According to this Crealy Great Adventure Park in the UK has plans to go completely solar. A lot of other parks will most likely be watching this, as it marks a way to become self-sufficient. It could utilize technology like this. Paint on solar cells.
  • Theme parks are big business, and the industry is pushing to reach $25.9 billion by 2015. Read more here.