Thrill Weekly Poll: Favorite Winter/Fall Festival


This weekend marks the start of three major festivals in Orlando alone. While the rest of the world is covered in snow we can start to party with huge festivals. Granted in the summer the other Parks get their concerts and festivals in swing but festivals like Mardi Gras give people a good way to shake off the blues winter can set in.

So this week we want to know which Spring/Winter festival are most looking forward to.
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Keep in mind that there are other festivals happening throughout the rest of the year. These are specifically at Parks that are open now. And they aren’t nerd festivals. Maybe a little later in the year we’ll touch on nerd festivals like Hurlfest, Coasterstock, and No-Coaster Con.

But why are these festivals your favorite? Is it the music? The parades and beads of Mardi Gras? How about the BBQ and latin cuisine? Perhaps you just like Flowers. Let us know in the comments below!

We’ll have the results in a few days. Have fun!