Back to Busch Gardens-Cheetah Hunt, Montu and more!


Though we’ve had countless updates from Busch Gardens in the past few months (thanks to our outstanding photographer LC Hill) we haven’t been back to BGT since the opening weekend of Howl O Scream, (rather I haven’t) so with Cheetah Hunt nearing completion, new trains on Gwazi and a new show we took the trek to Busch Gardens and see things for ourselves. The first update is of course Cheetah Hunt. You see the photos and video, but until you actually see it in person you don’t get a true understanding of the scale. First of all, the coaster itself covers a huge amount of land. The track seems rather small in comparison to say Montu, but the expanse of land that it’s taken is immense. It’s also right in the middle of the park. Let me explain this. Montu is in a corner, Kumba is in a corner, Gwazi (thought right in front) sits pretty much alone and out of the way. Even Sheikra has it’s own corner carved out. Cheetah Hunt (or Chunt as we’ve been calling it here) is smack dab in the middle of everything it seems. It takes up a huge portion of the area, it’s presence is seen right in your face. You will have to walk fairly close to it in order to get by it. Of course Sheikra is like that too, so nothing new, but it’s really quite amazing how intrusive the coaster itself looks like it’s going to be. Cheetah Run, looks like it’s going to be small and it’s really going to be interesting to see how this area flows with the rest of traffic.

As we were walking by we were lucky enough to have an open gate to give a very good look at how the themeing is coming along. I have to say, it does look rather impressive.

And yes, you’re seeing half a train. It seems that crews were putting a new train together, or moving one or something. But there is one full train in the maintenance bay and another on a transfer in pieces.

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Apparently it was testing today and someone caught video. The video is not ours, so thanks to the shooters of the video. Subscribe to them on Youtube.

The show Cirque Dreams: Jungle Fantasy has replaced Katonga. It mixes dance, acrobatics and costumes. It’s only temporary

The carousel still hasn’t returned from it’s lengthy rehab. In fact it looks like it’s gone altogether. Of course walls are up and it’s hard to make out anything, but it appears that everything is gone. We’ve heard whisperings around the park that it would be removed as the entire Timbuktu area undergoes a huge refurbishment. It’s also  worth noting that right now Cheetah Chase is still Cheetah Chase though some signs call it Sand Serpent. The rumor has it changing themes during this time. But rumors are just that until they happen.

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One minor overlooked thing seems to be Lorikeet Landing just past Sesame Street Safari of Fun. We highly recommend being some of the first guests in the area and buying the food. It’s a little on the pricey side but completely worth it when you are swarmed with all manners of birds.

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For more information about Cheetah Hunt and tickets to Busch Gardens visit the official BGT website.