Busch Gardens Williamsburg Gets Good Neighbor Award


What’s a theme park to do during the off season with all the parking lots? Well, the powers that be at Busch Gardens Williamsburg know what to do! On Saturday, March 5, BGW let the folks from the nearby Kingsmill neighborhood use the overflow lots, those across US 60 from the brewery, for a neighborhood yard sale.  The back of that lot, the end closest to the shops and fast food eateries, was filled with shoppers looking for a bargain and sellers wanting to clear some stuff out their houses.

Hats off to BGW for being a good neighbor.  Minus a few grumpy kids, OK two of them were my kids who were hoping to get to breakfast sooner, and a few sick canines, those were NOT with me, it was a festive affair.  I’d estimate the crowd to be in the neighborhood of 200-300 folks.

Even saw BGW parking/security folks lending a hand helping to park cars. Possible dry run for Passholder Preview Day in two weeks and season opening weekend in just three weeks (March 26th).