Schlitterbahn Breaking Records as New Attractions Added for 2011


If you following Schlitterbahn on Twitter (@SchlitterTweet) then you already know the big news. The Texas based water park chain is adding all new attractions at three of it’s four water parks. Parks in Galveston Island TX, New Braunfels TX, and Kansas City KS, are getting new attractions for this season, and one of them happens to be a record breaker.

Apparently it’s not enough to add one new attraction to each park. Schlitterbahn is going all out with the three parks and adding tons of new attractions. Here’s the break down by park

Kansas City

  • Boogie Bahn –Surf simulator
  • Rapids River — Rapids river ride
  • Comal Express & Loopy Luge – Racing mats with banked turns, taking guests head to head
  • Der Bahn – New enclosed tube ride
  • Blitz Falls – Most interesting of the lot. An “aqua-veyor” takes guests up and dumps them in a rapids river ride.

Galveston Island

  • Shipwreck Harbor-Features a 100,000 wave lagoon with 3 foot waves, kids slides themed to a beached ship, new lounging areas, and picnic tables

New Braunfels

  • Boogie Bay-Kids area with smaller slides including dragon slide
  • Boogie Bay Hot Tub-A hot tub tucked under oak trees
  • Deluge Whirlpool River-A huge river twisting tubers through a canyon. Described as a “choose your own adventure” style ride
  • The Falls-Being dubbed the Worlds longest water park ride. A huge winding river that has several no-wait entry points, giant waves, waterfalls and whitewater rapids. All part of the new Tubenbach area

All of these are expected to open this Summer at the respective Schlitterbahn parks. For more information including tickets visit the official Schlitterbahn website!