Thrill Daily News 3-01-11


Sometimes it’s a slow news day, sometimes you’re just too damn lazy to do anything about it. So off of my lazy ass I go to bring you the latest in Amusement Related headlines. Hey have you watched the Charlie Sheen stuff? It’s amazing what kind of train wreck this is turning into. It’s great stuff!

No clever video today…too much to do…and away we go.

Kings Island

  • Ha! These guys are dumbasses! No, not Kings Island, the dumbasses that were stealing scrap metal from a barn on property. Jail! Jail! Jail!
  • In other, better news Kings Island is constantly getting new pieces for the 301′ foot Windseeker opening this year at the park. The park has posted the video below


  • Not directly Universal, but authorities have arrested five in a sting that helped to recover over $111,000 of theme park tickets from Universal, Disney and Sea World. Read more here.
  • Those who have hoped the Wizarding World of Harry Potter was coming to the UK can now suck it. The WWOHP is ours, you can’t have him. But those in the UK are getting the talked about Leavesden Museum. Still cool and still worth the trip. While this article is shocked, it should come as no surprise that the area in Orlando is wildly popular as the entire area is a top WORLD TRAVEL DESTINATION.
  • While Universal hasn’t officially announced the line up to the public, apparently it was announced to a Christian Youth Conference recently, and the following image can be found on their website.


  • Bay Beach is hoping that Elvis can lure more people to ride the Zippin of the King’s favorite coasters, when it opens in May. The King will shake rattle and roll…
  • Kentucky Kingdom may not open next year as planned, as it hasn’t even been voted on yet, nor does it seem likely. According to this article, the planners still are counting on the money from the Fair board, and are not seeking other investors.
  • The Ringling Brothers Circus will not return to Coney Island this year. The circus says it’s already committed to other venues, but the property owner says otherwise. Read more here.
  • What is believed to be the worlds oldest Dolphin in captivity turned 58 at Marineland today. She had a fish and ice cake…mmmm
  • Disneyland has announced dates for several of it’s upcoming attractions, most of which we know..some are new. Mickey’s Soundsational is aiming for May 27th while Star Tours and Little Mermaid are both scheduled for June 3rd.

Ride of the Day

There’s not much to say about today’s ROTD…It’s yet another classic Disney Dark Ride. It’s yet another ride that is still at Disneyland and not at Magic Kingdom. It takes you to HELL…which is why Mr. Toad is todays ride of the day