Thrill Weekly Poll-To Drink or not to drink?


Hey everyone! The Thrill Weekly poll is back after a small hiatus. All apologies. Back to the serious questions at hand. For a lot of Parks alcohol has long become a necessary evil. Sure it brings in tons of extra cash, but it turns a lot of the patrons into obnoxious a-holes. Tempers flare easier, clothes come off easier, but people who drink tend to spend a lot more money on things like food and souvenirs that they may not have in a more sober state.

So today we present the question to you, dearest theme park guest. Should parks sell alcohol at all, or should this be a forever sacred place for families and coaster worship?

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Keep in mind that a lot of parks started out as Breweries, and that if they didn’t allow drinking in the parks they probably wouldn’t be where they are today. Also keep in mind that a lot of major events depend on alcohol sales in order to boost profits and justify having the event.

Happy voting, and we’ll have the results in just a few days.