Tron: The Next Day-Bridging the Gap Between the Films


Greetings Programs. I liked Tron as a kid, even though looking back now it didn’t age well. I loved Tron Legacy, it was one of those rare films that I saw in theaters twice. I’ll buy it on Blu-Ray for the special features alone. It’s one of those films you have to watch several times to catch all the little nuances that you missed the first time around. For me it clicked. For the younger generation and some of the older, it didn’t. It was amazing visually but many couldn’t connect the stories of the first film and the second. It was kind of meant to be a stand alone feature. Or was it?

The Blu-Ray will showcase several new items, most notably extended, deleted and new scenes. But something else has popped up that will be on disc. Tron: The Next Day. It tells the story of what happened in between the films in a short narrative. And puts a lot of pieces together.

Flynn Lives. I love the message, he lives in us all. Two sequels to this film were greenlit months before the film was released into theaters. The film didn’t do as well as expected, but with a budget of $170, and a worldwide gross of almost $400 million, it wasn’t a wash either. This little tidbit seems to be trying to stir up interest for the Blu-Ray release next month. If that goes well, we could still see at least one sequel. Add in the fact that Disney will be airing Tron: Uprising, an animated series that will tell the story of life on the grid up to Legacy. There could be enough interest for the series to justify a new film, with more marketing possibilities.

Then there’s the possibility of a new theme park attraction. ElecTRONica has been extended until Labor Day at Disneyland. We could still see a version of it at EPCOT this summer (if rumors are true) and a permanent attraction sometime later.

What do you think? Will we see more movies and theme park attractions or is Tron really dead in the water? Let us know in the comments below.

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