Baby Cheetah Gets a name, Testing on Cheetah Hunt continues


Busch Gardens Tampa released the results from the Facebook poll about the names of the baby Cheetah and Puppy. Their names are Kasi and Mtani. We take another look at the adorable duo, plus try to sneak a peek at Cheetah Hunt testing.

First up is Cheetah Hunt. Yesterday the coaster was seen testing out of the station from the first launch. It was a simple test just to check the magnets launching the coaster. Today the crane was seen around the first trench, and the the car could be seen in the trench, but no test (while were there).

But what we did get to see is a TON of concrete and pathway work



Even more pics of construction

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Meanwhile the adorable duo are still adorable. They even got a special visit from Mike Boos VP of Zoology.

And while photographers from Busch Gardens Tampa were taking pictures for this update, we were taking an update of our own


Still cute. In fact getting cuter

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