Baby Cheetah makes his debut at Jambo Junction at Busch Gardens Tampa


All eyes are on Busch Gardens Tampa this weekend as nerds the world over try to get a peek at Cheetah Hunt launching. Right around the corner, however, something much cooler is happening. Remember that amazingly cute cheetah cub and his puppy buddy? They have made their debut in Jambo Junction for all to see.

The pictures that Busch Gardens Tampa released were cute, but there’s nothing like seeing the spotted little guy in person.

Can we say “Awwwww” this little guy is amazingly adorable! You won’t find anything that cute on a coaster!

Upon seeing the sign you think to yourself “yeah right! Cheetahs and Dogs together…”

Then you see it for yourself

Yes, they really do play together. It is one of the coolest and cutest things you will ever see.

The pair can be seen at Jambo Junction right across from the Nairobi Train Station.

Even more pictures:

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For more information about this little guy and Cheetah Hunt, visit the official Busch Gardens Tampa website.