Beneath the Surface: The Making of One Ocean


One Ocean has premiered to rave reviews, and to huge crowds. It’s a fitting replacement to the breathtaking majesty that was Believe. Sea World has decided to share with us the making of the show to give a sort of backstage feel on what went in to making this show an instant classic.

Beneath the Surface is a series from Sea World Orlando. Over the next few weeks they will be releasing new chapters in the series. As they do we will add them here.
Part 1:The Inspiration

This video talks about where the inspiration for the show and how everything first started to come together.

Part 2: The Music

This video goes into the key element of the show. The music sets everything apart and makes it unique.
Part 3: Education

This video talks about educating guests about the animals and the ocean as they have fun with the animals
Part 4: Whale Behaviors

This video talks about how it’s not the trainers who decide what the show will look like, but the animals themselves.

Part 5:
The Set Design

This video talks about the actual physical work that went into creating the amazing set for One Ocean, and includes a few words from Designer Stan Meyer.

Part 6:
Whale and Trainer

This video shows the relationship between the whale and trainers. The special bond that they form, the way the whales become part of the trainers life and all the different positive reinforcements the trainers give the whales.

Part 7:

This episode of Beneath the Surface talks about how the show went from Black and White to really strong colors, and what they represent.