Busch Gardens announces names of Cheetah and Puppy picked by Facebook Fans


Busch Gardens opened up a poll to their Facebook Fans last week to help them choose the name for the Cheetah Cub and his new pal, a Labrador Puppy. Today Busch Gardens announced the results of the poll.

Choices for the name of the baby Cheetah were Kasi, Matuko, Ravanta, and Umeme. After the poll closed at noon today, the results were tallied up. Meet Kasi. Kasi means “One with Speed”. Quite fitting for a Cheetah. Kasi received 44% of the votes in the poll on Busch Gardens Tampa’s Facebook Fan Page.


Choices for the name of the Puppy were Njano, Tiifu, Thabo, Mtani. This poll also closed at noon and the results were also tallied up. Meet Mtani. Mtani means “Close Friend”. Also a very fitting name since these two seem to be getting along great. Mtani received a whopping 51% of the votes.


If you would like to see Mtani or Kasi up close and in person, be sure to visit Jambo Juction at Busch Gardens Tampa across from the Nairobi train station.