Cheetah Hunt, Sand Serpent and More!


What a difference a week makes when you’re getting down to the wire with construction. Cheetah Hunt is wrapping up while the themeing and Cheetah Run habitat makes progress. Meanwhile, Cheetah Chase is no more.Officially.


Cheetah Chase, the Wild Mouse coaster that was in Timbuktu is now Sand Serpent. Officially. It’s been on park maps, and signs have been pointing to it, but now we have the actual sign. The funny thing, though, the queue announcement still says Cheetah Chase.

Themeing and touch ups continue around the track and ride building. Gates are being put up right next to the trenches, which gives the distinct impression that guests will walk right next to it. Concrete is even being poured in the area.

And what better way to cap things off than with some cute animals, and a fat meerkat. Meerkats are cute when they’re fat.

For EVEN MORE pics, check out the gallery below!

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Cheetah Hunt is scheduled to open May 27th. For more information visit the official BGT website.

What do you think of the new Sand Serpent layout? Let us know in the comments below.