Fantasyland update! “Look mom, it’s Harry P…Beauty and the Beast!”


Oh my how fast things come together. Today’s jaunt to the Magic Kingdom we get a look at that gorgeous looking Beauty and the Beast castle, plus the Hitchhiking Ghosts.

I love this stage of the game in construction. We’re starting to see tons of work happening on the Fantasyland project, and it’s moving along rather quickly. The castle for Beauty and the Beast is flying up, and there was a kid who exclaimed “Look mommy! It’s Harry Potter’s Castle, only purple!”

Fun stuff. But this thing looks great! It’s really quite large, and pushed far enough back that it gives the forced perspective of being “far far away”.

Meanwhile rock type work continues on the other structures. Perhaps we’ll see actual rock happen within the next few days.

More pics from around the park:

[flickr-gallery mode=”photoset” photoset=”72157626532680157″]

Finally, we were able to see the famed new hitchhiking ghosts. WOW! FANTASTIC! I still think they look a little like the projections and a little too much like Jimmy Neutron style animation, but what a great effect. Though, to be fair, is it appropriate to call them hitchhiking ghosts still? I mean they do hitchhike in the beginning of the scene, but other than that…they don’t really take a ride as much as mess with you anymore. Again, maybe it’s just me!

C ya real soon!

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