Ramp Jam Amps up at Busch Garden Tampa this weekend


Busch Gardens Tampa is known for adrenaline rushes. Whether it’s dropping 200 feet down on Sheikra, or coming face to face with Tigers adrenaline is no stranger. This year BGT borrows from BGW and brings Ramp Jam to the park for two weekends.

The ASA Action Sports World Tour makes a stop in Tampa with a 14 foot tall Half Pipe, local bands, the latest in surf/skate gear and food. The action starts at noon and goes until 6:30.

Here’s the lineup from BGT:

As a five-time X Games gold medalist and two-time Dew Tour Overall Champion Pierre Luc Gagnon has earned recognition as the No. 1 vertical skateboarder in the world. He is also currently starring on VH1’s “The X-Life.”

BMX vertical legend and Denver Big-Air star, Kevin Robinson has nine X Games medals and is best known for successfully performing the first-ever double-flair, a double back flip with a 180-degree rotation. He holds the world record for the highest BMX jump at 27 feet.

Simon Tabron has consistently been in the top three extreme athletes in the world for the past decade and is best known for always riding brakeless. He is an eight-time X Games medalist and has won more than 30 major contests around the world.

Eito Yasutoko is a three-time World Champion and is ranked No. 1 in the world as a vertical skater. Yasutoko has landed a place on the podium at every inline vertical competition he has competed in, earning him countless medals. His signature tricks include 1080 California Roll and the double back flip that he performs at explosive heights.

Anthony Furlong is a 13-year vertical skating veteran known for his consistency in competition and a three-time champion on the Action Sports World Tour. Furlong was born and spent most of his childhood in Tampa, Fla.

Jimmy Walker has been a top 10 BMX rider for the past 15 years. Walker’s fans enjoy how he utilizes the entire ramp with multiple variation tricks and pulls off extremely technical “runs” at great height.



The event is included with park admission, and will be only for the next two weekends in Gwazi Field (the big open field next to Gwazi!)

For more information visit the official Busch Gardens Website.