Sharks Deep Dive closing, Grand Reef gets an opening date


According to phone sales representatives at Sea World Orlando the wildly popular Sharks Deep Dive will be closing May 15th. The reason? According to the sales rep it is moving to Discovery Cove.

Discovery Cove will open the all new Grand Reef which will have the experience of walking on the reef floor called Sea Venture. Why I’m not exactly sure how this will be the same experience as Sharks Deep Dive, it (like deep dive) will not be included in your daily admission.

Sharks Deep Dive puts you in a shark cage to feed the animals by hand. It also puts you through a good amount of education about the animals before You get in the water. If you had any hopes of experiencing this encounter for yourself you are out of luck as we are told that it has sold out completely. Cancellations do happen so keep checking back.

However if you Just have to get your dive on we are told by our sales rep that Discovery Cove will open Grand Reef June 11th. This is not official, but it does somewhat lineup with what Sea World has said about it being open the 2nd week of June.

For more information visit the official Seaworld website and the Discovery Cove website.