The Making of One Ocean at Seaworld – The Music


One Ocean will be replacing Believe across the board at all three Seaworld parks. Orlando’s show is scheduled to open in just a little more than a week. Actually, a week from tomorrow. Seaworld has taken us beneath the surface of One Ocean to show what has actually gone into the creation of this all new show.

In this particular video, we get a glimpse at the music for One Ocean being recorded in the studio. The show will be based around three main songs: “One Song”, “Side by Side”, and “We’re One”. Once the mixing process is finished, it can actually be used in rehearsals, until then the trainers have been trying to get a feel for the music from a rough cut, whether it’s in the car or the locker room at the park.

For more information about One Ocean, visit Seaworld’s official website,