Thrill Daily News 4-28-11


As a warning, there will be no news tomorrow. I will be old, and plan on celebrating that fact with meat and alcohol. On a heavier note, our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone in the states ravaged by all the tornadoes over the past few days. It’s heartbreaking, and nerve wracking as my two children are in North Carolina on Spring Break with their mother. Stay safe everyone.
News time.

Right out the gate we’ll start with some fun Marvel news. It’s been bandied about that Pixar could be the perfect slate for Marvel films. After all there are limits to what you can do in physical form. In animated form the possibilities are endless. However, according to CHUD, there will be no Marvel Films made by Pixar. The have the Incredibles, thank you. The end.

Shanghai Disney is underway. We knew that. But one thing that at least I haven’t heard is that they plan on building their own version of Celebration, the town that Disney built in Florida. The Shanghai version is going to be “low carbon” meaning that it will run mostly on solar, wind and biomass. I’m still stumped by the thought of another Celebration after the first one was such a success for Disney. Full story.

Busch Gardens

Daily Press has a story about the annual National Amusement Park Historical Association Awards which has named Busch Gardens Williamsburg “Most Beautiful Park” for the 21st consecutive year. The rest of the list isn’t available, and seems to be a closely guarded secret, so if you know the handshake, we’d like to see the rest of the list.

Cedar Fair
Be the first to ride Windseeker at Cedar Point as part of a benefit for the Red Cross. Tickets are $100 dollars for riders, and money earned will go to help the Red Cross, who after the events of this week are in desperate need. More information here.

While we’re talking Ohio, a proposed Bill wants to change the school year so that the summer holiday lasts from Memorial Day to Labor Day. This will help the states attractions, hotels and of course amusement parks. The story goes on to say that the state will have to change hours and days off and such, so I really don’t see a lot of people going along with it. They’ve tried something similar in Florida by pushing the start day to no more than two weeks before Labor Day. Kids in Florida were getting out before Memorial Day, but going back the first week in August. UGH! But what do you say kids? Want a longer summer?!?

Cedar Fair parks aren’t the only one’s setting world records. Roaring Springs Waterpark will have the worlds largest Swimming lesson on June 14th. For more information and to sign up, click here.

Gaylord Hotels will partner with Dreamworks animation to bring characters to breakfasts at the hotel, character interactions and even parades. Packages go on sale in July, with the events slated to happen in November. There is a survey available online that asks what you would like to see from Dreamworks at the hotels. On a side note, what does this mean for Universal Studios which has the Shrek 4D and Donkey meet and greet? Perhaps Dreamworks is trying to distance themselves from the park? After all, the license with Nickelodeon is about to expire and they are pulling Jimmy Neutron from the park.

Remember the Toyota: Ideas for Good commercial that pretty much wondered if the technology used on a Prius could be used on a roller coaster? The idea was that they could use a special drive to harness energy in say, the brakes, that the coaster would normally lose and turn it back into usable energy. Well, some lunatics stripped down a Prius and turned it into a roller coaster

Ride of the Day
The towers are menacing as you look up at them. You walk into the Latvarian Embassy and see demonstrations of Doombots, and watch a promotional video on how your fear is going to be used for “good”. The end result is the end of the Fantastic Four through your harnessed fear as you’re launched 200 feet up. That is why Dr. Doom’s Fear Fall at Islands of Adventure is your ride of the Day. All Hail Doom.