Cheetah Hunt officially opens up to the public at Busch Gardens Tampa


Busch Gardens Tampa opened their brand new coaster, Cheetah Hunt, to the public Friday afternoon. So far it’s been a big hit for the park with wait times spanning from an hour to three hours. Although the ride has had it’s fair share of technical since the media event on the 26th, it’s been a big hit with rave reviews.

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Now that it’s open to the public, you can head out and experience the new attraction, as well as the cheetah habitat and watch them sprint.

With any new ride, it offers a completely different experience after the sun sets. Might I also add that Cheetah Hunt is quite a beautiful attraction while the sun is setting. I particularly like how the entrance sign lights up.

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On top of that, the park has rolled out new merchandise for the ride. That includes new shirts, picture frames that would go great with your on-ride photo, as well as paintings. Yes, paintings.

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Last but not least, land clearing continues for the new animal care facility that is scheduled to open this winter. Read more information about that here.

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