Cheetah Hunt Update 5-4-11


Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens Tampa is less than three weeks away from opening. Testing is still going on with the coaster, and even more work continues to be done. We have a quick update today from the park showing off new signs, and most importantly, new Cheetah Run work being done.

Up until this point Not a lot of work seemed to have been done on the Cheetah Run, at least not at a visible point anyway. Now glass is going up in the viewing areas and a lot of actual habitat work seems to be happening.

Another part of the ride yet to reopen is of course the Skyride. With all the construction work that had to be done to it, we should see some testing going on very soon with that as well. In the station, however cars are siderailed though some are poised to go into position.
More pics from today
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