Offsite-Thor’s Giant hammer smacks Erik in the head


Here at Behind the Thrills, we love us some Theme Parks. No doubt about it. However, there is a great big world out there, and sometimes we need to take a step out of the parks and look at something else. Join us as we take a look outside of the world of theme parks and into the world of movies, music, television, hotels…pretty much anything else we happen to stumble across.
However whatever we look at will have some relation to the theme park world, granted not directly…but in a round about sort of way.
So join us now as we lift up the harnesses, throw out our cup of Butterbeer and take a walk…Offsite.

This week’s Offsite Adventure: THOR
ThOR is a film based off of the comic books by Marvel. It is the latest in the trend of comic book movies, and like so many before it, it’s an origin story. Directed by Kenneth Branaugh, the movie stars Chris Hemsworth as THOR-The God of Thunder, Natalie Portman, and Sir Anthony Hopkins as Odin.

Relates to theme
THOR Is a Marvel Comics character. Besides having a small presence at Universal’s Islands of Adventure in Marvel Superhero Island, Marvel is owned by Disney.

Who will like it?
THOR is geared towards the male demographic, but with Hemsworth as an extremely cut and sculpted god, it has plenty of eye candy for the ladies. It is a little scary in parts, so kids under 5 may be a tad frightened. A lot of action sequences, and some extremely intense moments make it fun for the older kids.

Was it any good?
THOR had it’s weak points, and it’s kind of hard to make a movie like THOR in a serious manner. The guy wields a giant hammer, flies, and goes from his home in Asgard on the Rainbow Road. But the things that work in the film, really work. The things that don’t work aren’t terrible. The score adds a depth to the scenes that seem like a throwback to John Williams. The actors do a great job, specifically THOR and Loki. They tear up every scene they’re in. Anthony Hopkins plays his age and does great as a warrior king who has regrets in his past. It’s a fun film that’s pretty safe for the whole family. YOU MUST STAY FOR THE END OF THE CREDITS. There is an extra scene at the end of the credits that will tie THOR to the next film in the Marvel Universe-Captain America. THOR will join the captain, Iron Man, the Incredible Hulk and more next year as The Avengers assemble.

Favorite Part
“We drank, we fought, he’s a credit to your people! You should be proud!”

Next week I’ll tell you the 101 things I hate about your house.