Thrill Daily News 5-10-11


Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? I never had a clue. I could always catch her henchmen, and always had all the information from Interpol, but when it came to catching that red coat wearing criminal, I always had her slip through my fingers. I guess being James Bond was never my thing. Anyway, here’s some theme park news.

Shall we then?

Cedar Point

Crazy news coming from Cedar Fair as a “secret” document is coming out stating that while he was being groomed to replace Dick Kinzel as CEO of the company, Jack Falfas was abruptly fired after a brief but tense phone call. What was the call about? The ill-fated Rock Band Live which had a hefty price tag which included a $276,000 licensing fee to MTV…who ironically has nothing to do with music or videos anymore. The matter is going to court, and you can read more here.

While we’re talking about the company, apparently the weather is to blame for Windseeker not being ready when the park opens Saturday. In fact, the ride is reported to not being opened with the park which caused The American Red Cross to cancel a benefit that would allow participants to ride the attraction early.

Schlitterbahn New Braunfels will host Nik Wallenda for an Explosive Stunt Spectacular this Saturday. The event will be taped for airing and will feature the Fire Slide and the Blasting Box of DOOM! Details.

That wacky Alton Towers, they’re going to offer admission this Friday the 13th for Th13teen Pounds (the British dollar). Last year they declared the new coaster Th13teen closed, but opened it under F14teen and had special merchandise. More details.

So what would you do if a coaster or ride could sense your fear and change it to either calm you down, or really scare the piss out of you? That could soon be a reality with “bio-feedback” a system developed by the University of Nottingham, UK. They wired a mechanical bull ride with the system to come up with some interesting results

How about a re-imagining of Peter Pan? It’s been done before to some not so good results. This time, however, we take a look at it in a completely dark and sinister way. Aaron Eckhart (Harvey Dent from Dark Knight) is in talks to be Hook a detective on the trail of a child kidnapper. Yes…Peter Pan is a child molester who kidnaps children in the middle of the night while Hook and his only friend, Mr. Smee investigate the disappearances. Now that is a twist on a classic tale! More here.

Mortal Kombat: Legacy Episode 5 is out, and sees Mileena vs. Kitana

Ride of the Day

Surrounded by a curse and bad luck this ride at Alton Towers holds the first Horizontal Drop on a coaster. Again, while it’s not the most jaw dropping amazing coaster it has something that most rides today lack…imagination, and that is why Th13teen at Alton Towers is your Ride of the day