Thrill Daily News 5-17-11


May is zombie awareness month. You can buy our Zombie Awareness T-shirt and show your support…to my paycheck! Seriously, I’ve been watching a lot of zombie movies and playing more zombie games. This fad just won’t…go away. But it’s getting to be redundant. Everyone trying to figure out what’s going on, trying to get to safety. What about after everything goes down? And zombies eventually rot, or starve. If you read the Zombie survival guide, they say that the zombies will eventually just rot from the inside out. And those who rot first will get eaten by other zombies…so we’ll have zombie girls eating each other…which sounds like another series of movies I’ve been watching, but we won’t get into that now.
My theme park news wants your brains!


The company plans on eliminating pensions for new hires beginning in 2012. The Orlando Sentinel also says that it plans on restructuring existing pensions. Bottom line, give workers less and save more money. Just like everyone else in the private sector, Disney plans on offering pensions to salaried employees but more on a 401-K type of basis where you pay into it. With the current state of the economy, everyone will be working until their 90.

Sports Business Journal reports that Disney and ESPN are eyeing a deal that would give them broadcast rights on ESPN. It would also mean seeing Mickey in every Olympic event. GE and NBC are willing to pay huge amounts of money to retain broadcast rights, in fact MORE than Disney..but Disney has the stranglehold on the younger demographic, something that the Olympics desperately wants and needs.

Tim Burton has left the talks for Disney’s live action Sleeping Beauty tale, Malificent, which would see Angelina Jolie as the witch in the story told from her view. David Yates (Harry Potter) is now being eyed for the job.


It’s only May, but you’ll want to get your tickets for Rock the Universe which have officially gone on sale. Rock the Universe is a Christian festival at Universal Orlando which features the top names in Christian music. Full details.

The all new Madagascar crate adventure made its debut Friday in Singapore. Thousands attended, and just 30 minutes into the grand opening the ride shut down for almost 20 minutes. Fun stuff. Madagascar Crate adventure


Knotts Berry Farms has released their full list of mazes and scare zones for this upcoming Halloween Haunt. The park lists three new mazes, Delirium, Endgame: Warriors of the Apocalypse, and Invasion Beneath.For a full list of returning houses and zones, check out the LA Times.

Ride of the Day

Taking you through the wacky world of Jay Ward cartoons, our ride pits you up against one of the most cunning villains of all time. Full of complete rips against Disney rides, poking fun of classic attractions and dipping you under the water…Dudley Do Rights Ripsaw Falls is your ride of the day.

Sorry for the abbreviated version, look for more news later this afternoon!