Thrill Daily News 5-23-11


Oh good, you didn’t get sucked up to heaven. I guess we all get to die on October 23rd like good little heathens and reprobates. YEAH!!! We’re Reprobates! Funny story time. I have a 9 year old and a 13 year old. The 13 year old was telling the 9 year old that the world was going to end, which of course caused her to panic and freak out. Every five minutes she kept asking what time it was. When six o’clock came and went, she looked at her brother and simply said “You’re stupid”. Ah, the apocalypse at it’s finest. Now that the end of the world is over with, let’s do some theme park news.


A woman was found unresponsive after riding Space Mountain at Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World Saturday. She was unresponsive, unconscious though breathing on her own. The coaster was inspected, and reopened the next day. No word on the woman’s condition, though had she died the media would have gone crazy and Disney would have immediately been in the clear because the deadly killer “pre-existing condition” would have once again raise it’s ugly head.

Coming back to a mall near you, Disney Stores! The once huge retailer of Disney related toys, clothes and movies has had a great resurgence and will add 40 new stores globally. The question remains if they will come back to areas that they once left.

State Farm has teamed up with Pixar for “Agents on a Mission” which will feature a tour nationwide of life-sized versions of the characters from Cars 2. They will also sponsor Cars “Pitties”, 30 second commercials featuring the Cars 2 characters. On top of all that, they promise to give away around 18,000 prizes. More info here.

Finally Disney has released a very fun looking trailer called “Green With Envy” starring Amy Adams and Jason Segal. Both are set to star in Disney’s upcoming Muppet Movie reboot……..

This soft and fozzy love story really gonzo…errr goes with goes right to the frog…ummm heart…kermit..piggy….crap. Watch the trailer, it makes you feel special

Busch Gardens

It was supposed to be a double dose of great attractions, but it seems that the only attraction at a Busch Gardens park opening this weekend will be Cheetah Hunt. Mach Tower seems to be going through some problems in testing, and is not ready for the Media nor guests. The official word from the parks via our press release this morning:

An issue found during preliminary ride testing requires us to postpone our May 27 Mäch Tower ℠ media day while we install components ordered from the Italy-based manufacturer.
The anticipation for Mäch Tower has been overwhelming. To ensure we deliver the best attraction possible, we decided to postpone the opening and will announce a new date soon.
Thank you.

Safety First. While it will take a bite out of the busy Memorial Day weekend, these things happen. Let’s keep our fingers crossed that it will open very soon.

Morey’s Piers will be hosting a Bike Ride to benefit research of Lou Gherig’s Disease, or ALS. The official Press Release and info

Bike riders and fundraisers from throughout the region make their way back through the Wildwoods to Morey’s Piers on Saturday, June 18 during the 13th Annual ALS Express Bike Ride. The charitable event will raise money for the research of ALS, or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis – commonly known as Lou Gehrig’s disease.

The ALS Express is a non-competitive bike-a-thon perfect for people of all ages and riding abilities. The event’s routes include a 10-mile, 25-mile, 50-mile and 75-mile ride through southern New Jersey with each route starting at a location with all of the routes ending at Morey’s Piers in Wildwood, NJ.

As the “finish line” for all of the event’s bike routes, Morey’s Piers will give all registered riders two complimentary Amusement and Water Park passes. Morey’s will also host a private beach party at the Rendezvous Beach Pavilion on Mariner’s Landing Pier, located at Schellenger Avenue and the Boardwalk.

Anyone interested in taking part in the Bike Ride must register by visiting or by calling 215-643-5434. Registration fees are as follows: Adult rider registration – $135 between May 7-June 17 and $160 on June 18; youth rider registration for riders 13 years old and under – $100 between May 7-June 17, and $160 on June 18.

All funds raised by the 13th Annual ALS Express Bike Ride will support the research programs of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the ALS Association, which funds more ALS-specific research than any other non-government organization.

For more information about the 13th Annual ALS Express Bike Ride, visit

Universal Studios Singapore was supposed to be visited to by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger, but due to his very public affair and divorce from wife Maria Shriver, the park has asked him not to come. Read more details here.

Chuck E. Cheese is a slimy hole for degenerate gamblers. And that rat wants your kids. That’s what one mom in California wants everyone to see. She is suing the company because of what she calls “illegal gambling”. Think about it…kids pay money to get tokens, they then use those tickets to try their luck at games of skill for tickets. Those tickets are then traded in for prizes. She does have a point, though it’s a completely stupid point. Read more and be outraged here.

Netherworld in Atlanta has announced the theme and one of the mazes for the 2011 haunt season. Two words…RAW MEAT. Netherworld is one of the most depraved and scary haunted attractions in the nation, so this comes with eager teeth to find out exactly what terrors lay in store. For more information visit the official Netherworld website.

Stan Lee was recently talking with a panel at the Dallas Comic Con when he was asked about his cameos and his favorite cameo. At which point he let slip not only the main villain for the new Spider Man movie, but also his cameo…which is really quite funny.

The Lizard as a villain?!? I was hoping they’d pull the character through a few movies as they did with the last series.

Ride of the Day

This is an obvious and kind of easy choice. But this attraction takes you through space, and many points in between as you board your galactic starspeeder. You encounter many strange new worlds and characters as you go speeding through a crazy world with familiar faces. This makes Star Tours 2 your Ride of the Day