Thrill Daily News 5-31-11


May comes to a close. My kids are closer to leaving for the summer, which could be a blessing…though most of the time I hate the fact they leave for three months only to come back twice as large as they were when they left. Don’t grow up kids…if you have to grow up, don’t get married….if you do get married, don’t get divorced….which leads me to my first point. Don’t grow up kids. Hang out, get a job at a theme park and forever be young. The bright side, I get to spend more hours at the gym and try not to resemble a baby beluga whale. At least I don’t also wear a beanie.
Did you come here to hear me ramble, or did ya come to boogie down with my theme park news?

Researchers at Disney are looking for a new immersive tool, a way to make you feel more when it comes to video games and of course theme park rides. According to this story, Disney is working on “tactile brushes” that will be embedded in a chair or a harness that you wear that simulates sensations in your back, such as bugs crawling, or rain, or the sensation of moving when you’re not. The guy writing the article even touches on something that would be amazing…bringing back Alien Encounter to include the Alien drooling down your back.

We reported a few days ago that Dubailand was going to be back on the front burner and be “as big as Disney..but not Disney”. According to this, not only is Disney not going to be involved in it…the NEVER wanted to be involved in it. Maybe they’ll change their mind when the likes of Universal, Six Flags and Sea World get back in there…or maybe even George Lucas builds a huge Star Wars land. More details.


What everyone thought was a certainty is finally becoming a reality. Comcast plans on buying Blackstone’s stake in the Universal theme park brand. This includes the Universal Orlando area, home to Harry Potter. This news comes as the deadline approaches fast. Though no official announcements have been made, the estimated price tag is rumored to be around $1.5 Billion dollars. If the cable company does not, the park could go on the market, and the entire Wizarding World could be at jeopardy since WB has strict contracts that allow it to pull out if something like that should happen. Thankfully, it looks like that is going to be avoided.

I have no idea what “POW-WOW” is…other than some huge travel convention. But they do talk about how the new Transformers Ride at Universal Hollywood will “revolutionize theme park perceptions”. Read more here.

Sea World Orlando has signed a deal with Eco-Safe to use “Ozone Disinfection” for it’s Grand Reef dive equipment. If you never thought of germs on your dive gear before, good news is…now you really don’t have to. If you were worried about how clean it could possibly be, here’s your answer. It will use state of the art safe technology to keep germs away and guests safe. More information.

Both of the huge Ferris Wheels that were proposed for the Las Vegas Strip have been approved. One of which will 500 feet tall. More info

A coaster in Galilee basically fell apart and children were hurt. The children were on a field trip to the Haifa Grand Luna Amusement park when the incident occurred. It’s worth mentioning that safety inspections vary greatly between here and there. More details.

The 8th episode of Mortal Kombat: Legacy has hit the webs and it continues the story of Sub Zero vs. Scorpion. It’s not bad…but kind of cheesey. My hopes for this becoming a gritty and good version of Mortal Kombat are getting somewhat dashed to bits.

Ride of the Day
Hello. I want to play a game. You go to theme parks to get a thrill, to get the feeling of danger without ever having to experience one drop of real danger. Sure roller coasters intimidate you, and dark rides can be fun…but how can you ever say you’ve lived if you have no idea what it’s like to be close to dying. One roller coaster gets you as close to that as a theme park can, without being sued and without really putting you in danger. Oh yes…there will be blood…okay not really…which makes SAW at Thorpe Park your ride of the day.