Walt Disney World’s Tiki Room to become “Enchanted” again


The Magic Kingdom’s “Enchanted Tiki Room: Under New Management” fell victim to a fire at the earlier part of this year. Rumors were that the fire was somewhat small, and didn’t do extensive damage. However the attraction remained closed, fueling rumors that The Tiki Room (which is home to over 200 song birds) would get rid of the “New Management” and revert back to it’s “Enchanted” state.

During the D23 Expo this past weekend at Walt Disney World, Imagineers (and the Disney parks blog) confirmed what many had been whispering. The Enchanted Tiki Room would be back later this summer.

However, instead of confirming that it would be the original show that opened with the park in 1971, it would undergo changes that would have this version “reminiscent of the original show”. That sounds like something else altogether, with hints of the original show thrown in.

The current version sees the legendary “Enchanted Tiki Room” come under new management with stars of Disney movies, Iago (from Aladdin) and Zazu (from The Lion King). The duo took over the Tiki Room, which turned the attraction from an original, to a marketing opportunity for Disney’s films. The fan reaction was luke warm to downright reviled.

Look for the Enchanted Tiki Room to reopen sometime this summer, most likely in June.
For more information, visit the official Disney World website.