Wizarding World of Harry Potter re-writing the birthstone tradition


Back in the “day” if you wanted something that represented you best, or something special to give to a loved one you may have picked something with that person’s birthstone. Some birthstones were great sparkling gems like Opal, or Garnet. Others were nothing more than over polished rocks, like Peridot. The Wizarding World of Harry Potter has taken that tradition and turned it on it’s ear.

Since it’s opening last June at Universal’s Islands of Adventure, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter has pretty much changed the way that people look at theme parks. It’s completely immersive, and detailed the very last inch. That goes for birthdays in the Wizarding World as well.

However, instead of getting your stone set in earrings from your birth month, you can get a wand specially tailored to the time period that you were born. That’s right, Birthwands.
Now while it’s true that the wand chooses the wizard, not everyone of us can make it to Ollivanders for a wand fitting. For the young wizard looking for a wand best suited to them on the go, choosing your birthwand is the next best thing.
Here’s the list of wands by month:

Birch December 24 to January 20
Rowan-January 21 to February 17
Ash-February 18 to March 17
Alder-March 18 to April 14
Willow-April 15 to May 12
Hawthorn-May 13 to June 9
Oak-June 10 to July 7
Holly-July 8 to August 4
Hazel-August 5 to September 1
Vine-September 2 to September 29
Ivy-September 30 to October 27
Reed-October 28 to November 24
Elder-November 25 to December 22

The wand woods are based off of the Celtic Calendar, which goes by a calendar of 13 lunar divisions. J.K. Rowling used this when writing the books to assign the types of wood to characters like Ron, Harry and Hermione.
To purchase your own wand, visit Ollivander’s wand shop at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
If it’s a little out of your distance, visit the official shop online to purchase your wands. The wizards at Universal will send an owl with your purchase right away.