TEA/AECOM Theme Park Attendance Report hits for 2010, Disney still tops


The annual TEA/AECOM Theme Park Attendance Report is out for 2010, and it comes as no surprise that Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is still on top. It’s also no surprise that the Wizarding World of Harry Potter helped Universal’s Islands of Adventure jump up in attendance, as well as the resort as a whole.

A look at the top 10 in North America.

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, 16.92 million, -1.5%
Disneyland, 15.98 million, +0.5%
Epcot, 10.83 million, -1.5%
Disney’s Animal Kingdom, 9.69 million, +1.0%
Disney’s Hollywood Studios, 9.60 million, -1.0%
Disney California Adventure, 6.28 million, +3.0%
Universal’s Islands of Adventure, 5.95 million, +30.2%
Universal Studios Florida, 5.93 million, +6.1%
SeaWorld Orlando, 5.10 million, -12.1%
Universal Studios Hollywood, 5.04 million, +26.0%
Busch Gardens Tampa, 4.20 million, +2.4%
SeaWorld San Diego, 3.80 million, -9.5%
Knott’s Berry Farm, 3.60 million, +8.0%
Canada’s Wonderland, 3.38 million, +7.0%
Kings Island, 3.11 million, +3.7%
Cedar Point, 3.05 million, +3.7%
Hersheypark, 2.89 million, +3.0%
Busch Gardens Williamsburg, 2.80 million, -3.4%,
Six Flags Great Adventure, 2.70 million, +2.5%
Six Flags Great America, 2.70 million, +10.2%

No real surprises. Disney still takes the top spots and the regional parks round out the top twenty

The top 25 Parks Worldwide

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, -1.5%
Disneyland, +0.5%
Tokyo Disneyland, +5.9%
Tokyo DisneySea, +5.5%
Epcot, -1.5%
Disneyland Paris, -2.6%
Disney’s Animal Kingdom, +1%
Disney’s Hollywood Studios, -1%
Universal Studios Japan,+2%
Everland, Gyeonggi-Do, South Korea, +11.6%
Disney California Adventure, +3%
Universal’s Islands of Adventure, +30.2%
Universal Studios Florida, 6.1%
Lotte World, Seoul, South Korea, +22.4%
Hong Kong Disneyland, +13%
SeaWorld Orlando, -12.1%
Ocean Park, Hong Kong, +6.3%
Universal Studios Hollywood, +26%
Walt Disney Studios Paris, -2.6%
Nagashima Spa Land, Kuwana, Japan, -5%
Europa Park, FLAT
Busch Gardens Tampa, +2.4%
Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, Yokohama, Japan, -6%
De Eftleing, FLAT
SeaWorld San Diego, -9.5%

To see the entire report, click here.

Walt Disney World is down, with no surprise. Most likely due to the huge promotion in 2009 with the “Get in free on your Birthday” and the lack of a huge promotion, or new attraction in 2010. This year should promise to be a huge one for all Disney parks. The big winner last year, naturally is Universal Orlando who is up worldwide over 30% That’s huge numbers for the Wizarding World. Also not a shock was Sea World Orlando who suffered much of last year due to the death of a trainer during Dine With Shamu. This year, attendance seems to be up with new shows at all of it’s parks. Busch Gardens Tampa will stay up due to Cheetah Hunt, though not as much as it could if it doesn’t work out the downtime issues with the coaster.