The “MUST SEE” Theme park attractions of 2011


School is finally out for the summer for most of the nation. Many families will plan vacations to theme parks this year both locally, and across the country. Knowing this, many theme parks have opened (or will open) all new attractions in hopes of getting you to their park this season. With so many new attractions, what are the MUST SEE new attractions this year? We asked our readers a few weeks ago, and the results are in!

Star Tours 2-The Adventure Continues:
The Force is strong with Disney this summer as they’ve rolled out new versions of their classic attraction Star Tours at both Hollywood Studios and Disneyland. The old version was traditional film, while the new version was filmed using high definition 3D. It also boasts many new locations, and with the new locations you are pretty much guaranteed that you will never get the same ride twice.
Plus the queue is now interactive.

Cheetah Hunt-Busch Gardens Tampa
An all new Intamin multi-launch coaster is the highlight of this all new area. But the fun doesn’t stop there. Guests can also get an up close view of the Cheetah’s in their all new habitat. Daily presentations give guests a chance to see the cats in action. Also if guests are lucky, they can catch a glimpse of the parks newest stars Kasi and Mtani, the baby cheetah cub and puppy that were paired together.

Green Lantern-Six Flags Great Adventure
A transplanted coaster from Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom, Chang, the stand up B&M was given new life at the park famous for it’s coasters. Green Lantern also got a new green and yellow paint job for 2011.

Mach Tower-Busch Gardens Williamsburg
This 240 foot drop tower boasts surprises and views like you’ve never seen from the park. The kicker is, it’s not even open yet! The park announced an initial date of May 27th to open the ride, but due to unforeseeable circumstances the opening has had to be pushed back. As of right now, there is no date announced for opening, and it seems unlikely that one will happen within the next few weeks. Fingers crossed though.

The Little Mermaid-Disney’s California Adventure

The rest of the parks in the country are going with state of the art thrill machines. It’s rare to see a dark ride. When you do see a dark ride, it’s usually so technologically advanced, that it takes years to see anything like it again. Disney has chosen to ignore the trends and go with what it started out doing…making classic dark rides. The Little Mermaid follows the old formula of taking music, and scenes from the classic Disney animated film and animating them with…animatronics. This new dark ride boasts some of the most articulate animatronics and new music by the composer of the original film.

Want to see how the rest of the attractions fared? Want to know what is new, check out our poll results below!
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