Thrill Daily 6-29-11


June is almost gone. Holy crap, the summer is slipping away and I’ve nothing to show for it! That’s the sucky thing about being an adult, summer don’t mean jack smak dookey crap. We still have to work, we still have bills to pay, and the fact that summer is going by so quick only means that school starts back soon. School clothes, supplies and kids who hate you because you’re not “funner than mom”. And honestly, I’ve been to a theme park ONE time over the summer this year. What kind of mess is that? The 4th of July is coming up, and hopefully I will remedy that. Are you living the summer to it’s fullest? I hope so, because summer fades too quickly.

Search for the Endless Summer with my theme park news!


I don’t know if this rumor has been reported before, but it’s the first I’m hearing about it. Innoventions at Disneyland will be destroyed and in it’s place will be the Stark Expo from Iron Man 2. Makes sense, honestly. The elder Stark character from Iron Man 2 seemed very Disney like, and Disney does own Marvel. If it’s true, it would be wise for the park to get in on the action while it’s still hot. But what would the Stark Expo at Disneyland consist of? Hopefully cutting edge experimental technology, the Iron Man suits (complete with demonstrations) and even a world class Iron Man ride or something similar. Find out more information about the rumor from IGN.

From movies made into attractions to attractions made into movies. According to ://″>Disney has released a fly through of the new Cars Land which will hit Disney’s California Adventure next summer


Disney Parks Blog.

A new Harry Potter featurette has been released from Warner Brothers. This time we deal with Horcruxes. There are spoilers ahead

Fanta King of the Park app has hit Facebook. You can win a trip to Alton Towers, but apparently it’s not open to U.S. Residents. Who cares? It’s a theme park game!
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Coasting For Kids is kicking off at many different Cedar Fair Parks. Our own Michael Dutterer is going to be heading to Carowinds to help raise money for Give Kids the World. We would appreciate it if you supported him, and helped him raise money for this worthy cause. Check out the charity, and help the kids by clicking here.

Trump Entertainment, known for bad hair and worse T.V. shows is selling a Jersey Shore Landmark the Steel Pier. With 24 attractions, Trump has said that it doesn’t fit in with the gambling company. The pier was home to the world famous “Diving Horse” and Human Cannonball. More information.

It’s always important to remember that when working with chemicals, always use in a ventilated area. That was the hard lesson for about ten workers at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as they fell ill, and some even sent to the hospital. Monday afternoon employees at Trappers Smokehouse in New France reported feeling ill. Fumes from cleaning supplies were the cause. More info.

Next Halloween, Leatherface and Michael Meyers will both appear on screen in 3D to scare the money out of your wallets. Texas Chainsaw 3D seems to be a reboot of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. A few weeks later, Halloween 3D will hit theaters, it seems this will be a direct sequel to Rob Zombies H2. Nothing official is known. Personally I hope for a remake of Halloween 3:Season of The Witch!

Ride of the Day
Our Ride of the day comes from the now LONG defunct Circus World. It was just off I4 on Highway 27 in Haines City. The park closed in 1987 and reopened as Boardwalk and Baseball. Today’s ride of the day is the “Roaring Tiger” the wooden coaster you’ll see in the video below