Thrill Daily News 6-13-11


You know what’s worse than Friday the 13th? Monday the 13th. Think about it…Monday’s are traditionally bad anyway. Black Monday was one of the most infamous days in recent history when the stock market crashed in 1929 and had a huge hand in starting the Great Depression. Monday’s are the day that we have to get back to work from our nice relaxing weekends, and most importantly..the world will end on a Monday. Just ask the Mayans. Besides, Friday the 13th gets a bad rap. Sure, it’s the day a bunch of the Templar Knights were killed, but when was the plan thought out? On a Monday. Monday the 13th doesn’t have a hockey masked clad serial killer, maybe that’s the biggest thing against it…maybe we can change that. How about a basketball jersey wearing ballerina that shoves canned hams up your ass? Sounds good to me.

From hell’s heart my theme park news stabs at thee!


I might as well call this edition the Disney Blog..or something to that effect. The first of much Disney news is a video from Disney Cruise line showing off the construction of the newest Disney Cruise ship, the Fantasy.

Disney has also released a video showing off how they refurbish certain animatronics from the Jungle Cruise. It happens about once every 7-10 years, and they actually have to airlift the elephant out of the attraction and into rehab.

Disney parks blog has announced the dates, and some select items for this year’s Food and Wine Festival at Epcot in Walt Disney World. The event runs from Sept. 30th to Nov. 13th and will feature a lot of Hawaiian dishes, and will also see celebrity chefs back as well.

In case you haven’t heard, Walt Disney World has raised their one day admission prices…again. This goes in line with Disneyland raising their prices as well. A one day one park ticket goes for $85 dollars. While the world complains, people still go. Disney hasn’t had a huge increase in attendance over the past year, but it hasn’t fallen far behind either. With the park being the trend setter, you can pretty much guarantee that Universal Orlando will soon announce they are raising their prices. That park has celebrated an increase in attendance of over 46%. While it’s not an agreeable move, one can see why Universal would follow Disney’s steps…however, in a bid to beat Disney, why not stay lower? Food for thought.

Disney is making a new Video game movie…and it’s not a sequel to Tron: Legacy. It’s next animated feature will be called “Wreck-it Ralph” about a video game villain that doesn’t want to be a villain anymore. So he embarks on a quest to be the hero in some other video games in the arcade. Sounds fun. It will hit theaters November 2012. More info.

Tim Burton will be cashing in on Nightmare Before Christmas again as he brings the 3D version home. The set goes on sale this August. More information.

And finally, I’m not a huge fan of Cars from Pixar…but Cars 2 looks okay. But the next trailer isn’t for Cars’s for Planes…a spin-off series to market model airplanes to the little boys who are getting too old for Cars
Watch it quick, as youtube has been pulling these trailers off….apparently Disney doesn’t want it out there

A couple has been accused of using fake credit cards to buy oodles and oodles of Universal Orlando tickets. The couple was able to get about 70 tickets in a two day period, and was selling them at a discount. They were naturally arrested. More information

There are plans from Order 66 Entertainment to open a Star Wars museum that would include props, and costumes from the movies. It would be open for about six months and would be located on the Vegas Strip. I wonder what the good folks at Lucasfilm would have to say about that? More details.

It’s not Roller Coaster Tycoon 4, but it’s a start. My Amusement Park hits the Nintendo DS this summer and let’s kids build their own amusement park using memory games, and tests of skill. Sounds more similar to the Thrillville games, but it’s a theme park game…so count me in. More info

Ride of the Day
Today’s Ride takes you on a 100 ft loop, while hanging below the track. Twists and turns and green track…Raptor at Cedar Point is your Ride of the Day