Thrill Daily News 6-21-11


I found out today that I will be an uncle. Okay, so I’m already kind of an uncle, but I haven’t seen my sister in four it’s pretty safe to say I won’t get to do all the fun uncle type stuff. Today my baby sister told me she’s going to be a mommy, and this sister is a little bit closer than the other. So I get to do all the fun uncle type stuff. And I honestly hope that being an uncle is like being a parent, only instead of any kind discipline or actual parenting, I can just load the little booger up with sugar and send home to mommy. And then there’s the theme park factor. I will hopefully have this kid so spoiled that coming to Uncle Erik’s is going to be better than going to damn Disney World.

Pour some sugar on my theme park news!


According to this article, Pottermore, the all new venture being teased and announced by JK Rowling has nothing at all to do with Universal. 🙁 Apparently there’s more to the boy wizard than theme parks and movies. Yeah, I suppose next you’ll tell me there’s books or something…pfft..books. (That’s sarcasm folks). The project is said to be the announcement of a HUGE online Potter community. All questions will be answered Thursday.

I don’t like the fact that people go hungry and are homeless any more than anyone else. However, what a theme park’s website has to do with ANYTHING about feeding the homeless is beyond me. Apparently Universal Orlando’s website was hacked and replaced with messages reading “Boycott Orlando”. It wasn’t anything against Universal, but more a statement about the fact that Orlando doesn’t allow homeless people to panhandle on the street. Okay then…why not hit Disney? More info.

Cedar Fair
Kings Island finally got guests on Windseeker today as the 301 foot tall swing opened to the public

A former Disney exec will step up as CEO of Cedar Fair next year when Dick Kinzel retires. Matthew Ouimet will be the new skipper of Cedar Fair. Details here

Kings Island will have free admission for all active and retired military over the 4th of July weekend. Details on how to take part.

Other Parks

Six Flags will also be offering free admission to all Active military, and will be donating a portion of ticket sales to charity. More details

Japan is building the world’s steepest roller coaster, according to this. The new coaster, Takabisha, will have a drop of 121 degrees. That’s under the track! Well not really. The new ride opens July 16th, but in the mean time here’s a killer time lapse video

Pit Fall at Kennywood is listed for sale, according to this article. Funny thing is, it’s one of the most popular attractions in the park. On the official Facebook fan page, people are protesting and begging the park to reconsider. Join the fun!

Morey’s Piers has reopened the Ferris Wheel from which a young girl fell to her death. New safety regulations are in place including two people per ride vehicle, and a minimum height requirement of 60 inches. More information.

Las Vegas has an all new theme park…but you get to operate heavy machinery. The new park called “Dig This” will let you run equipment such as excavators and bulldozers. The new experience is expensive and lasts about 4 hours. More information. In related news, I can train you to run this equipment and then you can go and get a job. I’ll just charge you $40 dollars…and a pack of Now and Laters.

Finally, the coaster formerly know as “Galaxy Spin” at the park formerly known as “Cypress Gardens” will be opening up Saturday July 2nd, at Fun Spot in Kissimmee. According to the Sentinel, you can ride the coaster from 10a.m.-2p.m. for free! The coaster will now be known as Power Trip, which is also an energy drink..

Ride of the Day
Since it’s opening on Saturday July 2nd as another name, today’s ride of the day will be the old version at Cypress Gardens. Your ride of the Day is Galaxy Spin. So much fun you’ll puke!