Thrill Daily News 6-23-11


It’s so easy to gain weight, but very hard to lose it. I’ve been working out for about three months now, and have managed to lose about 20 pounds. It sounds oh so great, but two years ago I dropped 60 pounds in about five months. This taking time thing sucks, but it’s also worth mentioning that I am doing it right. By doing it right I mean eating healthier and exercising at the gym five nights a week. While I believe that everyone should get tons of exercise…it quite frankly sucks donkeys.

I pick Theme Park News up and put them down.


Disney is offering up a few new pins for collectors. I normally don’t like to report on pins because frankly there’s so damn many. But this one is kind of cool because it’s a Star Wars pin. With this pin you get a piece of Alderaan. That’s right, Alderann, the planet that blew up in the beginning of A New Hope. It’s fun, it’s nerdy, and it’s morbid as hell! Get a piece of a planet that the empire blew up just to make a point! HELLS YEAH! Click over to Disney Parks Blog to find out how to get yours!

Indy 500 winner Dan Wheldon took a spin at the Magic Kingdom this week celebrating his victory in Indianapolis.

A cool interview with John Lasseter pretty much reveals that he knew the first Cars movie was pretty much a flop. Yet the merchandise was HUGE. That naturally made it a great reason to make a second movie…to sell more merchandise! Read all that, his take on 3D photography and Oscar changing the rules..again by clicking here.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter apparently isn’t the only place to get your Potter fix. The traveling show just hit New York and it’s a huge smash. Unlike the Wizarding World, which used replicas, the traveling show used actual props from the movies. And you can get a chocolate frog for half the price you can at Universal. Now the question is, Is it the size of your head like the ones at Universal? More details.

Cedar Fair announced that they will be hosting the 3rd annual Coasting For Kids marathon at their parks nationwide. The marathon will benefit “Give Kids the World” and will allow riders to ride their favorite coasters non stop. I did it for my own Coasting For Kids back in 2006, at Cypress Gardens. It may not sound like much, but after three hours you feel like a truck just whipped you within an inch of your life. Fun? Yes. Easy? No. To sign up and for more information, click here.

Are you a clown? Seriously…are you a legitimate clown..complete with the big bozo shoes, honking nose and all? Then you can be in the next film from Sam Raimi..Oz the Great And Powerful

Casting Associates is looking for Clowns to work as extras on the feature film “Oz: The Great and Powerful”. This is a prequel to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (1900) by L. Frank Baum, told from the point of view of the Wizard. It tells how the Wizard arrived in Oz and how he became the ruler.

Available Roles:

* Clowns: Trained clowns, age 18 and older


These are paid roles.

How to Apply:

If you are interested in applying please email your name, phone number and a a picture in your clown makeup and gear to:

NOTE: Include “Clowns” in the subject line of your email. Also include a picture of you not in clown mode. Please no other emails at this time.

Read more: Oz Needs Clowns –

Talk about cool.

Here’s a lesson for any of you would be thieves. A Couple at Universal Singapore got a glitch, and hit what they thought was the jackpot. They went to get a locker before riding Revenge of the Mummy. The locker then popped open an occupied locker which held a large sum of cash and electronic devices. According to this article, the couple then took everything and walked away..instead of being good citizens. They were caught. Lesson one…don’t steal. Lesson two, don’t leave that crap in lockers!

Recycling at theme parks isn’t a new thing. However a machine that rewards you for recycling is. That’s exactly what happens when you use one of the two new machines at Silverwood theme park in Idaho. Everytime you recycle at the park you get discount coupons and more. More details.

While it’s not exactly park news…it’s still fun. The Renaissance Hotel directly across from Sea World is one of my favorite hotels in Orlando for one reason. The outside balconies give you a great place to hear the park at night. You can hear the whales, dolphins and of course the sea lions. Really cool stuff. Now there’s one more reason to love it, they’ve just opened a brand new water area for kids and teens. It incorporates waterslides, a water windmill, jets and more. More details here.

Culture Shock is a cool dance group at Sea World San Diego that performs in Club Atlantis. The park has released a fun video of them practicing

Ride of the Day

Dragons, Dementors and giant spiders. It’s a technologically advanced ride that puts your right into the magic of one of the most celebrated books and movie series of our time. It’s merely the centerpiece of a huge village ripped right from the pages of the books. The ride, is only a small part..but it’s a great part. On three..say Observatory! Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey is your ride of the day